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Nothing is as nice as sitting on the table, enjoying fine food, together with our family and friends, but when we have young children , we prefer to stay at home for fear that

they keep on running and screaming or crying , or simply disturbing the other clients; but we mustn’t forget that we were all once a child. They are the lifeblood, the future, the innocence and the beauty of life. Some tips to spend a calm lunch or dinner out? Well, just bring sheets and coloured pens to make them colouring, also little kids love to scribble and when the artist vein fades away, try with modelling clay, puzzles and small pots or surrender to modernity and allow them to watch a movie on a pad or play a game on a mobile phone…..At Canarin, children are welcome and our heart is full of joy hearing their smile. Never give up the joy of spending some good time out together with your family, as Mazzini said “Family is the heart homeland.”