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escursioni in barca e canoa 1

Where land ends, the sea begins. And it is right here that you can begin your unforgettable excursion by boat or canoe!

In the silence of the river mouth, into which the mighty Po runs before rushing into the sea, boat trips can be organized for you or for your party of friends to suit your own personal requirement. Read more


escursioni in bicicletta

Not only  good cuisine … the Delta of the River Po is ideal  for  a lovely trip by bike!

The Park of the Delta of the Po, proclaimed Unesco Heritage of Humanity, is a youthful land continually evolving. It is the product of both the sedimentation of the river and of man, who in the course of the centuries has reclaimed the ground and given life to a natural oasis rich in charm and for many people still to be discovered.

Read more

Porto Tolle

It is funny to think that the Delta of the Po, so young territory and full of beauty, was formed by the debris carried by the flows to the river mouth along the years. It is a land emerged from the waters, Read more