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Lights On

The wait is nearly over… Saturday 7th of March the Canarin re-opens. This break allowed us to enrich the menu and to make an even more welcoming environment.Gino, Piero, Sabrina, Sandra, Francesco, Gina,Vittoria, Read more

Unesco World Heritage

Finally the “Delta Del Po” becomes part of the “Unesco World Heritage”, the candidacy presented the 30th of September, was accepted in June by the European Union .The beauty of this amazing site of immaculate peace is finally officially recognised  . Very heartwarming news for the Veneto’s inhabitants, especially for the people of Polesine, that has been waiting for this recognition for years. A further reason to visit this territory, which rewards the mind of the sharp eye…

We Are Back

Be ready for our return! Tomorrow the 4th of March we re-open at last, full of enthusiasm and willing to tempt you with our always genuine food, we finally take over the winter and welcome, with a glass of wine, the spring, colorful and perfumed just like our cooking! We wait for you…

Zanellato Collection

We were chosen to celebrate le last campaign of the house Zanellato, in a particularly windy day, when Giulia Nicole Magro, wonderful model, together with a rare and beautiful bird of prey, was wearing the bags, true protagonists of the event. It happened in a gloomy day, a boat was taking the staff to the suggestive Scano Boa beach, the Nina and Postina bags were immortalized by the photograph and an amazing pub campaign was born. We were snooping around the set……..https://vimeo.com/157588474

On a Trip

Ristorante Canarin gruppo di amici

What’s better than outgoing with friends? We have gathered the impressions of a group of friends with their children, who spent a whole day together at Canarin, and we share the result with you… Read more