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escursioni in bicicletta

Not only  good cuisine … the Delta of the River Po is ideal  for  a lovely trip by bike!

The Park of the Delta of the Po, proclaimed Unesco Heritage of Humanity, is a youthful land continually evolving. It is the product of both the sedimentation of the river and of man, who in the course of the centuries has reclaimed the ground and given life to a natural oasis rich in charm and for many people still to be discovered.

Nature, history, tradition and culture are interlaced, offering visitors, landscapes and an elevated biodiversity both new and absolutely surprising.

The beautiful itineraries are there to be discovered as one cycles among the embankments and lagoons or in the relaxing and silent roads of the Via delle Valli in order to enjoy a unique experience and to be completely immersed in nature.

Get into contact with us! The Restaurant Canarin, will organize for you and your family or for parties of friends, unforgettable,breathtaking and exiting excursions by bicycle between sea and land.

The many itineraries proposed among the islands of Ca’ Venier, Donzella, Polesine Camerini e Ca’ Mello, will permit you to observe and listen the local flora and fauna besides allowing you to see and discover the typical fishing “casoni”.

escursioni in bicicletta itinerari delta del po

Furthermore, if you are a lover of birdwatching, you have come to the right place! The birds of the Po Delta constitute one of the most important Italian ornithological areas as well as that of the whole of Europe.

More than 310 species have been sighted and the list continues to grow. All this thanks to the complex environment created by the merging of sea and river waters.

Seize the opportunity to see in turrets distributed in strategic points for observation in the territory the rarest of protected species of extraordinary beauty within the natural park of the Po Delta. You will discover to your great enjoyment our territory, unique of its kind, characterized by swamps, creeks, wild  sandy beaches as well as flood plains, lagoons  among which we indicate the most beautiful view to see by bicycle, la Sacca degli Scardovari, an enormous bodies of brackish water,  the “garden” of mussels and clams.

As you travel through these wonderful landscapes you will become aware of another particular feature, that is, of being below average sea level. You will find yourself surrounded, in certain points, by high natural banks, clothed with luxuriant vegetation, which divide land from the water, defending the territory from floods from the river and sea.

Let yourself be guided in discovering the cycling itinerary most suitable for you. Bring your own bicycle or, if you would rather, hire one here!