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Porto Tolle


It is funny to think that the Delta of the Po, so young territory and full of beauty, was formed by the debris carried by the flows to the river mouth along the years. It is a land emerged from the waters,

of rural traditions,populated by genuine people since many decades. A land full of charm: winter fogs, spring Bora wind, summer heat, barren landscape and historic centres make of this area a unique beauty. Porto Tolle, at the origins called San Nicolò of Ariano, changes its name on the 23rd of April 1867, by San Nicolo’s city council decision. Veneto’s noble families such as the Tiepolos, Veniers, Farsettis, Correggios, Pisanis, Dolfins, Garzonis and the Soranzos, started buying the lands emerged from the sea, building manor houses to run the various fields and rice paddies. That is why in Porto Tolle we find localities that wear these names. Today Porto Tolle offers numbers of creeks, scanos (small islands with unspoiled beaches), lagoons…. It is in this suggestive landscape that the Canarin is established.